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7 Mountain Strategies Audio CD Series

Gain wisdom and strategy from leaders whom are influencing the 7 mountains of culture. These are the best teachings from the 7 mountains of cultural influence international conferences held in 2008 and 2009 containing truths that will always be relevant. Includes 8 audio cds and 2 bonus mp3 cds.

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The Seven Mountain Mantle, by Johnny Enlow
 In his new book, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Johnny has given us an in-depth understanding of the times we live in and how we can adjust our lives to benefit from what is coming. We live in exciting times for those who understand the signs of the times.

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The Seven Mountain Prophecy, by Johnny Enlow

According to Scripture, Jesus will sit at God's right hand until all of His enemies are put under His feet. The Elijah Revolution will accomplish this as God's end-time emissaries confront seven mighty nations which correspond to seven "mountains" of society.

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The Seven Mountain Prophecy Audio CD Series, by Johnny Enlow

In this 9-CD series, Atlanta Pastor Johnny Enlow reveals the seven mountains of society, the underlying demonic forces that currently rule these mountains, and what Christians must do to retake these mountains. Enlow provides a depth of understanding of Satan's strategy and also provides a corresponding godly strategy to reclaim that which God has given us to reclaim through Christ. You will be ready to claim your mountain for Christ after you listen to this series!

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Faith in the Halls of Power, by D. Michael Lindsey

How are key influencers living out their faith within the seven mountains of cultural influence? Within the pages of this book is an interesting and in-depth look into the lives of evangelical business leaders, politicians, industry leaders, and others who are in places of tremendous influence within our culture. Evangelicals, once at the periphery of American life, now wield power from the White House to Wall Street. Drawing on personal interviews, the author reveals how a new generation of the faithful is bringing its vision of moral leadership into the public square. 

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Becoming a Change Agent Weekend Intensive Audio CD Series, By Os Hillman

9 in-depth teaching sessions from Os Hillman on becoming a change agent in culture

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The 9 to 5 Window, by Os Hillman

What happens when Christian believers take the Word of God literally and begin to apply it where they spend sixty to seventy percent of their waking hours? What happens when they use their spiritual authority in their work lives, reflecting their spiritual value system in their area of influence? What happens is that lives, workplaces, cities and nations begin to be transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. His prayer in Matthew, which says "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," becomes a reality in the here and now. 

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An Introduction to the Old Testament Template, by Landa Cope

Are you wondering why the Christian faith has become weak and ineffectual in dealing with issues of politics, economics, beauty, the family and daily issues of life? Within these pages you'll discover the Biblical thinking that addresses the issues of the 21st century in an effective and redemptive way.

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